ea020 - OVDK & Bunk Data - Cybernetic Recursion

Usyukuro Sound Space (c) 2011
Endless Ascent is currently operating as a net.label dedicated to releasing light ambient, atmospheric and space music from around the world. Nathan Larson (Bunk Data) is the founder of the Endless Ascent label. Ryuta.k (OVDK) is a dark ambientalist also belongs to our usyukuro label. This is a new release by ovdk & Bunk Data on Endless Ascent. We don't understand the meaning of Cybernetic Recursion,

But it seems beyond petty human experience - at least we hope it is.

These soundscapes generally reminds us of the 3.11.2011 heavy disaster. At first you must notice it from their tracks name before listning to the tracks. The music provides ambientic tranquility with a slightly experimental element and subtle glitch contrast which gave us both a sinister and anxious feeling. We fought to hold back thoughts of the Aftermath. Then we must forget about something like this and return to Cybernetic Recursion or abstract thought and focus on the patterns.

Ovdk explains their artwork on the new release was made from a Fukusima radiation leakage map. Many people will not notice it because it's very small and they made radical change to radiation leaked map near the nuclear power plant. It seems like universe has denied. Ovdk denied and hate their work with strong relation to tsunami, EARTHQUAKE , NUCLEAR crisis when we met him and we debated. This time, Ovdk & Bunk Data's work seems very sipmle in general but we liked it very much. We hope it will not be Ovdk's(a.k.a Ryu) last musical work.

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