Endless Ascent was created in early fall 2008 by Minnesota recording artist Nathan Larson (Bunk Data, Samsa). Nathan was one of the co-founders of the Green House Music label that released a wide variety of atmospheric and ambient music by artists such as Vir Unis, Steve Roach, and Alio Die. After GHM closed it's doors, Nathan created the Dark Winter label in 2002 to continue releasing music with a focus on dark ambient music. Endless Ascent was created to fullfill the desire to release other projects with a lighter feel and return to some of the roots of GHM.

Endless Ascent is currently operating as a net.label dedicated to releasing light ambient, atmospheric and space music from around the world. We do not presently manufacture, sell or distribute records, CDs or tapes of our artists. All Endless Ascent releases are available for free download in 192kpbs MP3 format individually or packaged using WinZip.

All content is subject to the copyright of the respective artists. Full permission was explicitly granted for inclusion on the Endless Ascent website. Endless Ascent releases are free to download under a Creative Commons License for personal use. Commercial usage is prohibited unless individually negotiated with the respective artists and Endless Ascent.

Website layout and design: Nathan Larson

Creative Commons License
Endless Ascent releases are free to download under a Creative Commons License.