ea008 - Altus - Coma Cluster

Sonic Immersion - Bert Strolenberg (c) 2009
After some more challenging and adventurous releases such as "Macro" and "City of Ashes", Canadian ambient musician Mike Carss now returns to his "common", accessible style: "Coma Cluster" offers 74 minutes of soothing, free form cosmic music.

The four lengthy tracks come to the listener in one, uninterrupted flow, in which the expansiveness and mysterious realms of endless space are nicely experienced and visualized.
Don't make the mistake thinking this is a monotonous sonic ride, as Mike carefully renders and changes the spectrum of warm synth washes smoothly along the journey with his capable hands.

All in all, "Coma Cluster" makes a beautiful, quiet companion for any space music fan, which works both as a relaxing sonic backdrop as for active listening.

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